Frequently Asked Questions

What is a poppet anyway?

Good question! You’ll find several meanings of Poppet when you search it on web, but the meaning we like best describes a poppet as a small child or doll. You may also recognize it as a British term of endearment.

What are paper dolls?

The Original Paper Artists Guild explains this best!

A paper doll is a two-dimensional figure drawn or printed on paper for which accompanying clothing has also been made. It may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object. The term may be extended to include similar items made of materials other than paper, such as plastic, cloth or wood. The term also may include three-dimensional dolls and their costumes that are made exclusively of paper. Collectors sometimes extend their collections to include other toys printed on paper, such as paper airplanes, cars and trains, animals and birds, villages, furniture and so on.

Who are the artists?

Our hero artist is Anne Keenan-Higgins. She is responsible for the beautiful and whimsical character and background illustrations you see throughout our website and products. Everything she does is hand drawn and hand painted.

Heather Fonseca is responsible for the fun fashions and accessories, which are all hand drawn and painted before being cleaned up in the computer.

Renee Pulve of Smudge Design ties everything together in a neat package and fills in the blanks where we need her to with her clean yet elegant graphic designs.

We recommend 5 to 101 years old.

What age group are Paper Poppets paper dolls for?

You can expect to receive your package in 3-5 days. We ship USPS priority as soon as we receive your order.

How long does it take to receive my Paper Poppets?

Yes, please contact us directly at or call 310 422 8880.

Can I order wholesale?

We are sorry to hear this! Please contact us immediately at or call 310 422 8880.

I have not received my Paper Poppets. What should I do?

Yes, we understand if you are not satisfied with our product, you have a right to get your money back. Please do not hesitate to contact us at and let us know what we could have done better or how to make our mistake right.

Do you have a return policy?