Let’s Get Scrappy: Ways to Use ALL Your Paper Scraps

Whether it’s from creating beautiful scrapbook pages or cutting out fashions for Maddy and Ava, we all have little bits of pieces of paper that don’t necessarily belong in the trashcan. Instead of automatically throwing away your paper “trash”, follow these creative ideas and tips on how you can turn trash into treasure.

Organize Your Paper Scraps

A little organization goes a long way, here are our tips on how you can keep your scraps tidy without stressing.

  • Keep your scraps separate. While you’re crafting make sure to keep a bag handy so your scraps end up safe and put away instead of all over your workspace.
  • Create a filing system. Organize scraps by color, pattern, or style and file your paper scraps in folders or ziploc bags.

Using Your Paper Scraps

In combination with other items around the house, here are our favorite ideas on giving your scraps a second life.

1. Scent Sachet

Mix a couple of drops of essential oil with paper scraps and fill a sachet for your car or room.

2. Christmas Ornaments

 by Stephanie Lynn

by Stephanie Lynn

Stuff a clear glass ornament with your paper scraps and hang it from your tree. Checkout this Christmas ornament tutorial for instructions.


3. Clothespin Dolls

 by Sugar Aunts

by Sugar Aunts

These Superhero clothespins are here to save the day! Your kids will love crafting these colorful clothespin superheroes and using them for playtime. Check out the tutorial here.

4. Paper Art

Use your scraps and make pictures with it. A little glue goes a long way and you can use your scraps to create awesome art.

Recycling shouldn’t just be limited to bottles and cans. The little changes we do make a huge impact on our environment.  Do you have tips on how else you can turn trash into treasure? Share your suggestions with us, we’d love to check them out!