About Toy Heart

At Toy Heart, we believe fun comes in making up stories. We love paper crafts and thoughtful designs. We embrace the sometimes-imperfect act of cutting, coloring and folding knowing that it is the time spent doing these things that ultimately bring us more joy than the creative end result. (Although we enjoy that immensely too!) Our intent is to honor the past by designing toys that slow us down and bring us back to a simpler - sometimes quieter – time where playing with our own imagination can be just as stimulating and engaging as any device that fits in the palm of our hands.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories were the days I spent creating paper dolls and illustrating – although quite poorly – fashions for my dolls and little picture books about their friendship.  Hours felt like minutes as I lost myself in the creation of those fragile little characters and I remember feeling a joyful exhaustion once everything I imagined was completed. I’ve never forgotten that feeling of creating with total freedom and have always been on the lookout for beautifully illustrated paper dolls to bring me back to the place. Not long ago, while shopping for a birthday card, I didn’t find those paper dolls and instead found some beautifully illustrated cards that inspired me to create them all over again. That is how the idea of Paper Poppets came to be.”

-Gina, Founder of Toy Heart

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