About Paper Poppets

Paper Poppets are paper dolls re-imagined with fun, retro and modern illustrations that inspire imaginative play, personal storytelling and stylishness. We collaborate with artists who use the traditional skills of illustrating and painting by hand but with a cool modern twist.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help girls of all ages build their imagination and self-expression so they can showcase creativity and empower their inner-storyteller. We help build a perfectly, posh paper world where girls can imagine, design and play like nobody’s watching!


Why Paper Dolls?

We believe the best toys are timeless. Paper dolls have been around since paper has existed and for thousands of years, girls all over the world have embraced the act of cutting, coloring and folding their own personalized paper pals.

At Paper Poppets, we want to honor the past by designing toys that slow us down and bring us back to a simpler time when play was fueled by imagination and not by batteries.

Our Manufacturer


At Toy Heart, we believe fun starts in our imaginations. It grows from making up characters, dreaming up their worlds, and telling their stories.  We believe paper crafts and thoughtful designs spark creativity. We embrace the sometimes-imperfect act of cutting, coloring and folding knowing that these artistic activities ultimately bring us more joy than our end results - although we immensely enjoy that too! Our intention is to honor the past by designing toys that slow us down and bring us back to a simpler - sometimes quieter and happier – time where play driven by our own imagination can be just as exciting and engaging as any device that fits in the palm of our hands. We believe that by stimulating creativity, originality and an inventive spirit, we can soar!

Toy Heart is a boutique toy maker that creates crafts and activities for kids of all ages.  Inspired by the illustrators of well-loved children’s picture books, we collaborate with those artists whose work makes us smile. Our best customers appreciate unique, original and high - quality products that connect the hands, hearts and minds of the children in their lives.

Some of my very favorite childhood memories are of paper dolls. I illustrated picture books of my beloved characters and wrote little stories about their friendships. Hours flew by as I created those fragile little characters and I remember feeling a joyful sense of accomplishment once everything I imagined was completed. I’ve never forgotten that feeling of creating with total freedom and playing endlessly with my creations. Now, every time I come across paper dolls, I am transported back in time. Recently, while shopping for a birthday gift, I found beautifully illustrated cards that reminded me of those special times and was inspired to create paper dolls all over again. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
— Gina Lannen, Founder of Toy Heart Co.